Welcome to 3rd Central - Eastern European Symposium on Free Nucleic Acids in Non - Invasive Prenatal Diagnosis

Dear Madam/ Sir,
We are delighted to invite you to take part in the 3rd Central-Eastern European Symposium on Free Nucleic Acids in Non-Invasive Prenatal Diagnosis that is going to take part at the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin 16 th to 17 th of April 2014.
Aim of this congress should not only be the latest results and improvements sharing but also to discuss and compare the clinical implementation of NIPT methods in several countries. We would like to improve the cooperation and communication between clinical specialists, geneticians, technicians and scientists. We hope this congress will be a rewarding scientific exchange in many aspects of NIPT.
We would like to invite you to share your experience with academicians, clinicians and other professionals. We are happy to introduce you leaders in this topics as key spekers : Prof. Dennis Lo and Prof. Howard Cuckle.



Active participation and abstract deadline: February 20th., 2014
Passive participation: April 14 th, 2014 and also at the desk



On behalf of the whole organization team,


                                                                                                        Assoc. Prof. Zora Lasabova, MSc., PhD.
                                                                                                        Symposium president



Aula MAGNA, Martin, Slovakia
Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin,
Comenius University

Key NOTE speakers

Prof. Dennis Y. M. Lo,MD, PhD., Hong Kong SAR, PRC
Prof. Howard Cuckle D Phil, MSc. BA., USA
Prof. Bo Jacobsson,MD, PhD., Sweden




Jessenius Faculty of Medicine, Martin, Comenius University, Slovakia
Honorary president: Prof. Jan DANKO, MD, PhD.
President: Assoc. Prof. Zora LASABOVA, MSc., PhD.


International advisory committee


Assoc. Prof. Balint Nagy M.Sc, PhD.: Hungary
Assoc. Prof. Ishraq Dhaifalah, MD, PhD.: Czech republic

Organisator: Iveta Svecova, MD, PhD.
Congress language: English
Main topic: Non – invasive prenatal testing using circulating free nucleic acids
With the support of: Czech Society of Medical Genetics and Slovak society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics




Agency KAMI
Letná 70, 052 01 Spisska Nova Ves

Ing. Alena KLEMPAYOVA, manager of symposium

Phone/Fax: 00421/ 53 / 441 23 72
Mobile: +421 917 830 176
E-mail: cakami@cakami.sk

  • This conference is certified with the award of 8 SACCME credits.